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First conversations

When you first come to talk to someone at the centre, you can choose which of the two people there you would like to talk to. Ideally, there should be both a man and a woman on duty, but this is not always possible.

The conversation usually takes place in the separate room at the listening centre (shown in the picture on the left side). This room is soundproof which means that the conversation is not disturbed by other noises, such as the telephone or other conversations outside.

If the separate room is already being used, your conversation will take place in the reception area. Nobody can hear what is said outside the centre and so the conversation remains confidential. The telephone might ring but will almost certainly be ignored during the conversation.

If you arrive at the centre and there are already two conversations taking place, there will be a notice on the door asking you to wait either in the Romanesque chapel (opposite the centre) or elsewhere, but to return again shortly.

We want to make you feel welcome in the listening centre and hope that you will find the conversation helpful.

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