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Interested in volunteering?

Would you like to be part of the team of the Gesprächsinsel at the heart of Vienna?

Would you like to support those seeking someone to talk to, to be someone who will listen to them?

Two people are always needed to be present in the listening centre and be available for conversation at any time during our opening hours. We are always delighted to welcome new people onto our team of volunteers.

Necessary qualifications

The most important competence that the members of our team bring is their reflected life and faith stories as well as a qualification in a recognised form of counselling (together with pastoral, psychological, therapeutic experience). A further theological qualification (e.g. the Theological Course offered by the archdiocese of Vienna) is a welcome basis for the work in the listening centre, but is not essential.

Support given to the team of volunteers

You will be supported by a small team who are employed by the archdiocese. They are responsible for the organisation of the listening centre (administration, co-operation with other institutions, PR-work, other courses etc.), as well as holding conversations.

All the pastoral counsellors on the Gesprächsinsel team are bound by confidentiality and have to sign an appropriate document accepting this condition.

Supervision in the team

Members of the team at the listening centre are required to take part regularly at the supervision meetings which are held every two months. The English supervision is held in association with the telephone listening service, Telefonseelsorge.

Days offering further development in areas and topics related to the work of the Gesprächsinsel are held each year. These are also important opportunities for co-operation and becoming acquainted with other important institutions in the city – crisis intervention, mental health and social services, other services of the City of Vienna or the Archdiocese of Vienna.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please send us an Email or ring us up at the listening centre. You will be asked for a detailed curriculum vitae including a digital photo and a short letter of motivation, explaining why you would like to be a volunteer in the Gesprächsinsel. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible and invite you to a conversation in the centre. This conversation, which is usually with two of the full-time members of the team, is designed to help both you and the team decide if working in the listening centre is really for you.

When you have been accepted onto the team, you will be asked to work together with one of the full-time team for your first three duties at the centre. Taking part in the days of further development, supervision and other more social meetings of the team are compulsory after this time. After a three months period of probation the team and you will consider together if a further co-operation with the listening centre is appropriate.

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