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Just want to talk?


Are you looking for somewhere that is anonymous, confidential, without appointments and free of charge?

Are you looking for someone who you can talk to about something that you don´t want to talk to family, friends or colleagues about?

Do you feel as if you don´t know who to turn to?

Our listening centre, the Gesprächsinsel, specialises in exactly this kind of conversation.

In the listening centre you can talk with someone

  • who is trained to listen
  • who will take you seriously whatever you want to talk about
  • who will try to understand your situation as well as they possibly can
  • who is willing to help you think about taking the next step (if that is what you would like help with)
  • who is a competent pastoral minister or counsellor
  • who understands Christian love and charity as simply being there for whoever comes to the centre, listening to them, whatever their needs

If necessary, we can suggest where you can get further help, but often people find that just talking about the problem -  perhaps for the first time - helps.

We have got time for you – just drop in!

Not on offer

  • Telephone, E-mail or any written (“chat”) counselling
  • Financial help
  • House calls
  • Round the clock availability

Monday to Friday 11am to 5 pm

Tel. 0664 610 12 67
Freyung 6a, 1010 Wien

(until 7pm if you make an appointment by phoning up beforehand)

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