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Pastoral conversations

All conversations in the Gesprächsinsel are pastoral because we see ourselves as pastoral counsellors and companions.


People come to our listening centre because they are:

  • deliberately looking for help, often with a pastoral (spiritual, religious...) matter
  • looking for a conversation with someone who is Christian and is also qualified to address spiritual or religious issues

Our pastoral counselling is based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our personal Christian background. Central to this kind of counselling is the integrity and inherent dignity and freedom of each individual person. It encourages the person seeking help to explore and recognize their own possibilities and strengths, enabling them to find their way, also in their personal faith journey.  (From the concept of the Gesprächsinsel 2008)

The listening centre tries to be as open as possible to the needs of our visitors. This is our main aim. We do not understand ourselves to be in a missionary context or setting. We always meet our visitors – as far as we can - according to their world-view, with respect, tolerance and well-meaning.

Additional pastoral opportunities in the Gesprächsinsel:

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