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Pastoral counsellors


Pastoral counsellors are people who will

  • accompany you for a while (with one conversation or several) on your life´s journey
  • address questions and issues that move and affect you
  • give space to your emotions, such as fear, vulnerability, joy, disappointment, grief, anger, hope
  • listen and stay there, supporting you, even in situations for which there are no answers or adequate expression
  • support you as you address your religious and spiritual needs and desires
  • help to seek meaning in each and every circumstance and situations that life brings.

“Pastoral counselling respects and supports the uniqueness of every individual life and the dignity of every person. It is there for everyone regardless of their origin, age, gender, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental state. This dignity of each individual can never be taken away whatever may handicap them as a result of illness or age, mental state, personal circumstances etc.

Pastoral counselling is an answer to the uniqueness of each person and promises God´s constant presence and loving care."

(Margret Wohlfahrt)

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