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Thanks to the financing from our trustees (the Austrian Conference of Religious Superiors and the Archdiocese of Vienna  - “Kategoriale Seelsorge” and Vicariate of the City of Vienna) we are able to offer all the conversations in the listening centre free of charge.



Other institutions are also trustees of the Gesprächsinsel, in particular the associations of women´s religious orders (Vereinigung der Frauenorden) and of secular institutes  (AG der Säkularinstitute Österreichs), as well as individual religious communities.
The interior design and renovation of the Gesprächsinsel was financed by the archdiocese.

The Gesprächsinsel considers itself to be the “little sister” of the telephone listening service, Telefonseelsorge, in Austria.

Networks both in Austria and further afield

Telefonseelsorge www.telefonseelsorge.at

Netzwerk City- und Passantenpastoral Österreich

This network for pastoral ministry in the cities and to “passers-by” came formally into being in 2018. Its aims are:

  • Church comes to the people (rather than vice versa) and is present at the centre of their everyday lives.
  • Churches want to enable the “touch of God” to be encountered in the secular, consumer-orientated and hectic context of urban settings, open areas and shopping centres. The individual person is accepted in their personal way of life: regardless of religion, whether tourist, commuter, inner-city resident, young or old, homeless or wealthy, people seeking for the meaning of life or for truth, or simply curious. Pastoral ministry in the cities addresses the attitude towards life of the people of today.
  • This kind of pastoral ministry does not only occur in cities. It includes innovative pastoral ministry and other charitable projects in open and inviting spaces. It creates liturgy in a way that is more accessible to people who find more traditional forms and rituals of worship uninspiring and alien.

Raum der Stille am Hauptbahnhof www.raumderstille-hbf.at
quovadis? www.quovadis.or.at
Dominsel Eisenstadt www.martinus.at/dominsel
Innsbruck Gesprächsoase www.gespraechsoase.at
Innsbruck Der Brunnen www.der-brunnen.at
Kircheneck Graz www.kath-kirche-graz.at/kircheneck
Offener Himmel Salzburg www.offenerhimmel.at
Citypastoral Linz www.dioezese-linz.at/urbiorbi

in Hungary
Oasiz Budapest

in Germany  („Offene Tür Stellen“)
Münchner Insel www.muenchner-insel.de
Evangelische und katholische Telefonseelsorge Saarbrücken, www.telefonseelsorge-saar.de
Gesprächsladen Schweinfurt www.gespraechsladen-schweinfurt.de
OT Heilbronn, City Kirche ot17.de
Seelsorge- und Beratungszentrum Hamburg, www.sankt-petri.de/beratung-und-seelsorge.html
Passantenseelsorge Stuttgart www.passantenseelsorge.de
Pfarre OT St. Jakob, www.jakobskirche-nuernberg.de/offene-tuer/
OT Lebensberatung am Dom beratung.immanuel.de/home/
Ka-Punkt Hannover, www.ka-punkt.de
Offene  Türen Mannheim www.kathma-citypastoral.de
Brücke Karlsruhe www.bruecke-karlsruhe.de
Gesprächsladen Würzburg www.gespraechsladen-wue.de
Offene Seelsorge Dortmund, www.sanktreinoldi.de/offene-kirche/offene-seelsorge.html
OT Kirsen und Beratungszentrum Frankfurt, www.hdv-ffm.de
OT-Berlin www.ot-berlin.de
OT Bremen https://offene-tuer-bremen.de

in Switzerland
Bahnhofskirche Zürich www.bahnhofkirche.ch

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