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Welcome to where you can talk - and be heard

We are here to listen to you – anonymously, confidentially and free of charge. We are open for everybody who wants a conversation and doesn´t know where to go just to talk.  We see ourselves as a place of first contact for anyone in need.

You don´t have to make an appointment – just come by and talk to us!

Although most of our conversations are held in German, some of our counsellors are fluent in English. If the person on duty when you arrive is not one of them, you might be asked to return for a later appointment. We want you to be able to speak with someone who will best be able to understand your needs.

You are most welcome – the team in the Gesprächsinsel (literally: “conversation island”) looks forward to each and every visitor.

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We have got time for you

.....if something is worrying you

....if you need some help or advice of any kind

... if you are quite simply looking for someone to talk to

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