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What else do we offer?

The conversations which we have with our visitors are of course the main objective of the listening centre.

Over the years we have noticed that the various courses we offer are a useful addition to this.

However, some of these additional opportunities can unfortunately only be offered in German.

Spiritual accompaniment

“Day by day, three things I pray: to see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly and follow thee more nearly, day by day“, as the lyrics of the Godspell musical (1973) paraphrase Richard of Chichester´s prayer.

This desire is central for anyone who is looking for spiritual accompaniment


What is spiritual accompaniment exactly?

  • It means meeting for a conversation on a regular basis (usually once every 4 – 6 weeks)
  • It is a question of becoming aware of what happens in my normal, day to day life because it is here that I am in contact with God – in and through the nitty gritty of my daily life.
  • By reflecting on my life together with someone else I am helped to understand and shape my personal way of life from the perspective of my Christian faith

When is spiritual accompaniment helpful?

  • It´s particularly helpful when you are full of questions about the meaning of life, about God, about faith and spirituality.
  • It´s also helpful when you are trying to find a way of prayer that suits you best.
  • It gives orientation and support in phases of life when we are in transition.

Who gives spiritual accompaniment?

Several pastoral counsellors in the listening centre give spiritual accompaniment in addition to the conversations they have as part of their work in the Gesprächsinsel. This is why spiritual direction usually takes place outside the opening hours, and occasionally elsewhere. In co-operation with the archdiocese of Vienna, the Gesprächsinsel helps to put people in contact with spiritual companions.

Inviting Jesus home

This intensive retreat course is based on the Ignatian 30 day retreat but, in keeping with the day to day reality of people in full employment and with family commitments, it takes place at home over a period of 33 weeks (from mid-September to June).


It aims to:

  • deepen the participant´s faith in and friendship with God
  • be a school of prayer (aided by the weekly leaflets giving Bible passages and reflections
  • invite reflection on one´s personal spiritual journey from the Christian perspective
  • seek direction for one´s future life

It includes:

  • regular conversations with a retreat companion
  • occasional group meetings with fellow retreatants

For more information on the retreat, see the Folder (in German)

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